Give hope and happiness
to children all over the world

Dear friends, I introduce you with pleasure to Elisabetta Dami ONLUS. It is a non profit organization created with the intent to support the children and the environment, in Italy and worldwide, through projects that come from the heart.

The planet we live on is a precious gift, which we adults have a duty to protect with love. We are not masters of the Earth, yet easy keepers, and it is our responsibility to pass on to future generations a beautiful and good world, in which all can live in peace and happiness.

Elisabetta Dami ONLUS supports associations and organizations engaged in initiatives of which I have personally verified the practicality and usefulness.

In addition, with the help of some friends, we are giving life to creative projects to give hope and happiness to children all over the world, enhancing what I think I know how to do best: inventing stories with the heart!

Together with you, we believe we can grow this small company...

Elisabetta Dami


Elisabetta Dami ONLUS supports

Terre des Hommes
Amici per il Centrafrica
Fondazione ABIO Italia
Abataka Foundation Inc.
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Sant’Angelo Solidale Onlus
Il Granello Onlus - Don Luigi Monza
WWF Italia
Antoniano Onlus